Date       Object Find of Category
15-01-2021 coin weight for a fiorino Theo Coin weights
15-01-2021  French reckoning counter/jetton,  (Jeton de compte), 15th century Theo Reckoning counters
15-01-2021 9 coins, period Celtic, Roman, Medieval and 16th century Theo Coins[4]
07-01-2021 2 seal matrices and a possible Roman seal matrix Theo Miscellaneous objects [3]
07-01-2021 late iron age/celtic head Theo
Miscellaneous objects [3]
07-01-2021 2 Roman disc brooches 3 - 4th cenrury Theo Brooches
04-11-2020 28 coins, Celtic, medieval and 17th century Earl Coins[3]
15-10-2020 5 brooches Earl Brooches
15-08-2020 Gaming piece for the Alquerque game Earl
Miscellaneous objects [3]
15-08-2020 Lid of a tobacco box Theo Clay-pipe accessories
15-08-2020 Penny of the diocese of Utrecht Theo Coins[5]
15-08-2020 Spindle whorl Theo Miscellaneous objects [3]
15-08-2020  Ironing glass (linen smoother), 17th century Theo Non Metal
15-08-2020 Coin weight for a Clemmer guilder Theo Coin weights
15-08-2020 2 cloth seals of the city of Rotterdam, 14th-15th century Theo Cloth Seals[2]
15-08-2020 skate, bone Theo Bone objects
15-05-2020 Disc brooch, saxon/viking? Jan Brooches
30-03-2020 Pendant, gilded Jan Pendants
30-03-2020 Seal matrix, lead Jan Seals
21-03-2020 2 musket ramrod pipes Theo
Miscellaneous objects [3]
18-02-2020 1 ardite 1616 Barcelona, Philip III (1598-1621) Sjoerd Coins[8]
18-02-2020 1 dinero? 1677 Charles II, Zaragossa, Aragon Sjoerd Coins[8]
18-02-2020 1 seiseno 1650 Louis XIV as count of Barcelona (1641-1652) Sjoerd Coins[8]
18-02-2020 belt mount Sjoerd Decorative mounts
10-02-2020 Penny without date, (after 1235), Frederik II (1121-1250) Theo Coins[5]
10-02-2020 belt mount Sjoerd Decorative mounts
26-01-2020 Religious pendant Sjoerd Miscellaneous objects [2]
26-01-2020 17th-18th century buckle with decoration Sjoerd Buckles[2]
12-01-2020 Iberic Celtic as, 2nd-1st century BC. Sjoerd Coins[8]
07-01-2020 Penny of  Dirk VII of Holland (1190-1203) Theo Coins[5]
10-12-2019 New foto of golden medieval earring, 11h century Theo Special finds
09-12-2019 Two 18th cenury wine bottles Earl Glass
05-12-2019 4 more silver coins from the same spot (19-20th century) Theo Coins[5]
04-12-2019 Double patard of Charles the Bold,duke of Burgundy and count of Flanders (1467-1477) Sjoerd Coins[8]
04-12-2019 Denier/penny of the diocese Utrecht. Bishop Diederik van der Ahr (1198-1212) Sjoerd Coins[8]
29-11-2019 Half groat and fragment of Louis I (1322-1346), count of Flanders Jan Coins
25-11-2019 Buckle with plate, 12/14th century?  Jan Buckles[1]
22-11-2019 Shield-shaped cover plate of the nails used by building a dormer with zinc plating Jan Miscellaneous objects [5]
21-11-2019 Cut part of a coin. Probably of Louis the Pious Theo Coins[5]
20-11-2019 Siliqua of Constantius II (355-360) Theo Coins[5]
14-11-2019 Pewter token, 15th century Earl
Miscellaneous objects [3]
14-11-2019 Saxon/viking stirrup terminal Earl
Miscellaneous objects [3]
2-11-2019 Threepence and penny of Elizabeth I Sjoerd Coins[8]
2-11-2019 Medieval casket key Sjoerd Miscellaneous objects [2]
2-11-2019 3 Roman hairpins Sjoerd Miscellaneous objects [2]
28-10-2019 4 Roman brooches Sjoerd Brooches
28-10-2019 Celtic (belt) mount Sjoerd Miscellaneous objects [2]
20-10-2019 13th century vesica seal matrix Sjoerd Miscellaneous objects [2]