Description Of Class
Pendant  made from pewter/lead, date:  1450-1500,  very rare. Earl Miscellaneous objects [ 1 ]
Pewter/lead pendant, diameter 18 mm Jan Pendants
Brass pendant, diameter 16 mm Jan Pendants
Tin/pewter/lead pendant, with dubbelheaded eagle and flowervase. diameter: 38 mm, date: 17 th century Earl Miscellaneous objects [ 2 ]
Pewter/lead pendant, diameter:     date: Earl Miscellaneous objects [ 2 ]
Bronze/brass medaillon  with figure of Karel V, date: ca. 1540 Earl Miscellaneous objects [ 2 ]
a lead pendant with doubleheaded eagle and on the other side a french lily Jan Pendants
pendant gilded Pendant, gilded Jan Pendants