Object: coinweight for a double ducat of Ferdinand & Isabella of Spain 
Material: brass
Weight: 6,936 gr,
Dimensions 16,5 x 3,8 mm
Date: 1578
Made by: Cornelis Janssen, Antwerp 1578
FindID: EMG1-1
References: Information of Gary Batz; Imitated in the Northern Netherlands before they had their own chief of state. (They had to have a head on the coin even if they hated the guy/girl as republics were unknown, unless you were smart enough to know about the Greek city states that were republics
Object: Coinweight for a Philipsdaalder Material: brass
Weight: 33,846 gr,
Dimensions;  19,6 top (icon); 18 bottom; 12,5 deep 
Made by: 
FindID: EMG1-2
References: Infomatie of Gary Batz: I have done some more research and found that the weight has an inscription that reads (1) ounce 2 deniers +15 azen which translates to 33.69 grams.
Object: Coinweight  for a French "pavillon d'or" of Philip VI of Valois (1328-1350)
Material: brass/bronze
Weight: 4,925 gr, original mass was 5,099 grams, Dimensions;  17,3-17,9 x 2,6 mm
Date: 14th century 
Made by: 
FindID: EMG1-3
References: Information of Gary Batz 
Vondstnummer: EMG1-3
Object: coin weight?
Material: bronze
Weight: 1,427 gram
Dimensions: 9,4 x 9,4 x 2,8 mm
Date: Byzantine
Made by: 
Object: coin weight for a nomisma?
Material: bronze
Weight: 4,204 gram
Dimensions: 12,7 x 9,3 x 2,8 mm
Date: Byzantine
Made by: