Description Of Class
  Silver grosso of Bartolomeo Gradenigo, Venice, 1338-1342 Theo Coins [4]
  Cut half of a 2/3 ruitergroot, ca. 13th century  Sjoerd Coins [5]
  Groot of Maximiliaan and Philips de Schone, 1482 -1496    Theo Coins[4]
  Penny of Dirk VII, 1190-1203       Theo Coins[4]
Penny (1037-1040) of Harold I Harefoot Sjoerd Coins [7]
Penny of earl Gerard IV (1207-1229) of Gelre Sjoerd Coins [7]
Penny of Edward the Confessor, 1042-1066 Earl Coins [3]
Wilhelmusguilder  of Willem V (1345-1389),  earl of Holland. Sjoerd Coins[6]
Denier (penny) of king Bella II ( 1131-1141)? Hungary Earl Coins [3]
Silver-plated contemporary copie of a penny of king Henry III (1216-1272) Sjoerd Coins[8]
Penny of earl Gerard IV (1207-1229) of Gelre Theo Coins [5]
Sceat, 7-8th century Jan Coins[3]
bernoldusbernoldus Pennie of Bernoldus, (1027-1054) Jan Coins[3]
sceat Sceat, "Maastricht" type, 8th century Theo Coins[5]
penny Penny of  Henry II, period 1180-1205 Theo Coins [5]
sceatta Sceat, "porcupine" type, 8th century Jan Coins[3]
diederik Penny of Diederik van Aare, bishop of Utrecht Theo Coins [5]
henry 3 Continental imitation of a penny of Henry III Theo Coins [5]
Sterling of Jan IIISterling of Jan III Sterling of Jan III Sjoerd Coins[8]
Eathelred IIEathelred II Penny (type AD 997 – 1003) of Aethelred II Theo Coins[5]
groatgroat Groat of Edward III Sjoerd Coins[8]
William IWilliam I Penny of William I Sjoerd Coins[8]
bracteatebracteate Bracteate of Mecklenburg Jan Coins[3]
john Short cross penny of John (1199-1216) Theo Coins[4]
cnutcnut Penny of Cnut Sjoerd Coins[8]
farthingfarthing Farthing of Edward I Sjoerd Coins[8]
cuthalfcuthalf Cuthalf penny of William the lion Sjoerd Coins[8]
gwijdegwijde Penny of Gwijde of Dampiere Sjoerd Coins[8]
Dirk VIDirk VI Penny of Dirk VI of Kleef Theo Coins[5]
tremissestremisses Tremissis of Dorestad Jan Coins[3]
henricushenricus Penny of Henricus II Jan Coins[3]
cut half confessorcut half confessor Cut half penny van Edward the Confessor (1042-1066) Sjoerd Coins[8]
ferdinandferdinand Croat of Ferdinand II, king of Aragon (1479-1516) Sjoerd Coins[8]
wodan sceat Sceat, wodan type Theo Coins[5]
floris V Penny of count Floris V, Holland Sjoerd Coins[8]
eathelred IIeathelred II Cut half penny of Eathelred II Sjoerd Coins[8]
henry IIIhenry III Penny of Henry III Sjoerd Coins[8]
solidus Cut part of a coin. Probably of Louis the Pious Theo Coins[5]
halve leeuwengroot
halve leeuwengroot
Half groat and fragment of Louis I (1322-1346), count of Flanders Jan Coins
diederikdiederik Denier/penny of the diocese Utrecht. Bishop Diederik van der Ahr (1198-1212) Sjoerd Coins[8]
charles the boldcharles the bold Double patard of Charles the Bold,duke of Burgundy and count of Flanders (1467-1477) Sjoerd Coins[8]
penny Penny of  Dirk VII of Holland (1190-1203) Theo Coins[5]
penny Penny without date, (after 1235), Frederik II (1121-1250) Theo Coins[5]
sede vacante Penny of the doicese of Utrecht Theo Coins[5]
farthing Farthing (1327-1377), Edward III ? Earl Coins[3]
penny Penny 1216-1272, Henry III Earl Coins[3]
penny Penny van John, king of England 1199-1216. Also known as John Lackland Earl Coins[3]
penny Penny of William II (1087-1100), king of England Earl Coins[3]
half penny Half penny 1249-50 of Henry III, king of England, 1216-1272 Earl Coins[3]
penny Penny of Edward I, king of England, 1272-1307 Earl Coins[3]
penny Half penny of Henry III, 1216-1272 Earl Coins[3]
penny Penny appr. 1526-1544 of Henry VIII, king van England, 1509-1547 Earl Coins[3]
penny Penny of William II (1087-1100), king of England. Earl Coins[3]
penny Penny of Edward the Confessor, 1042-1066 Earl Coins[3]
penny Longcross Penny of Henry III, 1216 - 1272 Earl Coins[3]
penny Shortcross Penny of Henry III, 1216 - 1272 Earl Coins[3]
groat Groat (1351-1377) of Edward III, king of England, 1327-1377 Earl Coins[3]
denier Denier of Reinald II. Earl of Zutphen and Gelre,1326 - 1339 Earl Coins[3]
trachy Byzantine Trachy ("Cup" Coin) of Manuel I, 1143-1180 Earl Coins[3]
double groat Double groat 1409-1416 of Jan I of Burgundy, (1371-1419) Earl Coins[3]
vuurijzervuurijzer Double vuurijzer 1481of Maria of Burgundy Theo Coins[4]
alexanderalexander Long cross half penny of Alexander III of Scotland (1249-1286) Theo Coins[4]
dirk7dirk7 Penny of Dirk VII, county Holland Theo Coins[4]
willemwillem Penny of count William I, Holland Theo Coins[4]
ferdinandferdinand 1/2 real of the Catholic Kings ( Los Reyes Católicos) Ferdinand and Isabella, Spain 1474-1504 Theo Coins[4]
Penny of Earl Diederich IX of Kleef 1311-1347 Theo Coins [5]
sterlingsterling Sterling (1404-1413)  of Erik of  Pommeren (1397-1439) Sjoerd Coins[8]