Description Of Class
24 kreuzer 1621 of Georg Rudolf of Liegnitz-Brieg Sjoerd

Coins [6]

Silver 6 pence of Elisabeth I, 1558-1603 Theo

Coins [4]

Silver penny of James I, 1603-1625 Theo Coins [4]
Imitation of a Frisian duit by the county of Reckheim, date 16 ..   Sjoerd Coins [6]
3 skilling lybsk of the city of Glückstadt Sjoerd Coins[7]
1/12 ecu 1644 of king Louis XIV, also known as Sun King Sjoerd Coins [7]
Double Tournois of king Louis XIII Sjoerd Coins [7]
1/2 real  during the government of the catholic kings (Spain), 1475-1504 (los reyes Catolicos )  Sjoerd Coins [7]
Dinero of king Carlos I of Spain 1516-1558. Sjoerd Coins [7]
Duit of the city of Gorinchem without date (1591) Sjoerd Coins[7]
1/2 stuiver of the city of Groningen (The Netherlands), 1613 Theo Coins[5]
1/20 real or stoter, date 1595 Sjoerd Coins [7]
1 stuiver 1619, the province of Overijssel Sjoerd Coins[7]
3 pence 1579, Elizabeth I Sjoerd Coins[7]
Solidus of Johann Casimir II Vasa,
King of Poland-Lithuania 1648-1668.
Sjoerd Coins[8]
rijerschelling Rijderschelling ( 6 stuivers) of the city of Nijmegen Theo Coins[5]
benedictusbenedictus 4 baiocchi 1747 of Pope Benedictus XIV 1740-1758, Vatican city Jan Coins[3]
snaphaanschelling Snaphaanschelling of the city of  Deventer Theo Coins[5]
kopekkopek Kopek of Boris Godunov (1598-1605) Jan Coins[3]
bodle 2 pence Scotland  Theo Coins[5]
jamesIjamesI Shilling of James I Sjoerd Coins[8]
stavelot Half daalder (1568) of the abbey of Stavelot Theo Coins[5]
half pennyhalf penny Half penny of Charles II of Scotland Jan Coins [3]
Queen Mary IQueen Mary I Groat of Queen Mary I Sjoerd Coins[8]
duit zwolleduit zwolle Duit of the city of Hoorn Sjoerd Coins[8]
james II Half crown (gunmoney) of James II Theo Coins[5]
Elizabeth IElizabeth I Groat of Elizabeth I Jan Coins [3]
goldguilder Goldguilder,  Earl Enno II (1528-1540) Theo Coins[5]
skilling denmark 1 skilling  Denmark, Christiaan IV (1568-1648) minted appr. 1643 Theo Coins[5]
sixpencesixpence Sixpence (minted 1632-3) of Charles I (1625-1649) Sjoerd Coins[8]
half guilderhalf guilder Half guilder 1848 of King Willem II (Netherlands) Sjoerd Coins[8]
2 stuivers2 stuivers 2 stuivers 1678, province of Holland Sjoerd Coins[8]
duit anholt Duit of the city of Anholt Sjoerd Coins[8]
oreore 1 ORE  Sweden,1645 Theo Coins[5]
kopekekopeke 5 Kopeke Russia, appr. 1775,  Catharina II (1762-1796) Theo Coins[5]
hoard Hoard, end 19th - start 20th century Theo Coins[5]
henry VIII Half groat of Henry VIII (1491-1547† ) Sjoerd Coins[8]
rupee ¼ rupee minted by the English East India Company period 1831-1833, Jan Coins [3]
threepencethreepence Threepence of Elizabeth I Sjoerd Coins[8]
pennypenny Penny of Elizabeth I Sjoerd Coins[8]
arditeardite 1 ardite 1616 Barcelona, Philip III (1598-1621) Sjoerd Coins[8]
dinerodinero 1 dinero? 1677 Charles II, Zaragossa, Aragon Sjoerd Coins[8]
louis 14louis 14 1 seiseno 1650 Louis XIV as count of Barcelona (1641-1652) Sjoerd Coins[8]
half groat Half groat 1573-1574 of Edward III Earl Coins[3]
sixpence Sixpence 1594 of Elisabeth I, queen of England, 1558-1603 Earl Coins[3]
schreckenberger Schreckenberger (4 groschen) Holstein-Schauenburg of Ernst II (1601-1622) Earl Coins[3]
douzain 1 Douzain, Henri IV (1589 -1610) Earl Coins[3]
half real Half real of Ferdinand II of Aragon (1452-1516) and Isabella I of Castilië (1451-1504). (Los Reyes Católicos) Earl Coins[3]
stuiver Stuiver of Philip the Handsome 1482-1506, Duke of Burgundy Earl Coins[3]
5 stuiver 1/10 Arendsrijksdaalder of 5 Stuiver, appr. 1620 Earl Coins[3]
shilling 1 Shilling 1663, Charles II,1630-1685 Earl Coins[3]
solidus 1 solidus 1645, Christina of Sweden (1632-1654) Earl Coins[3]
threehalfthreehalf Threehalf pence, Elizabeth I, (1558-1603) Theo Coins [4]
stoterstoter Stoter or 1/20 leicesterreal of Westfriesland Theo Coins [4]
henryviiihenryviii Groat (1526-1544) Henry VIII , 1509-1547 Theo Coins[5]
falus Falus of the Qudb Shahs of  Golkonda, minted under Abt Allah Qutb Shah AH 1035-1083/AD 1626-1672 Theo Coins[5]
philip5philip5 1/2 real of Philip V, king of Spain (1700-1746) Sjoerd Coins[8]
isabel2isabel2 2 reales 1850  Isabella II, queen of  Spain (1833-1868) Sjoerd Coins[8]
carlos3carlos3 Colonial 2 reales 1774 of Charles III, king of Spain (1759-1788) Sjoerd Coins[8]
guilderguilder 1 guilder 1719 of the province Overijssel Sjoerd Coins[8]
guilderguilder 1 guilder 1698 of the province Overijssel Sjoerd Coins[8]
guineaguinea 1 Guinea 1776 of King George III Sjoerd Coins[8]