Description Of Class
Antoninianus of Allectus, 293-296 AD Jan Coins [3]
Follis of Constantinus I, 307-337 AD  Jan Coins [3]
Siliqua of Constantius II,  337-361 AD Jan Coins [3]
Siliqua clipped, 4-5th century Jan Coins [3]
AE3, Constantine I, 307-337 AD Sjoerd Coins[7]
Cast Potin, c85-50BC, Cantii tribe Earl Coins[3]
liciniuslicinius AE3/follis of Licinius I, 308-324 Sjoerd Coins[8]
coincoin AE4 (AD 351-354) of Constantius Theo Coins [5]
carausiuscarausius Antoninianus of Carausius (AD 286/287 293) Theo Coins [5]
allectusallectus Quinaruis of Allectus Sjoerd Coins[8]
carausiuscarausius Copper denarius of Carausius Sjoerd Coins[8]
constantine IIconstantine II AE4 of Constantine II Sjoerd Coins[8]
diocletiandiocletian Antoninianus of Diocletian Sjoerd Coins[8]
celtic unitcelic unit Celtic silver unit of the Corieltauvi Sjoerd Coins[8]
magnusmagnus Siliqua of Magnus Maximus Sjoerd Coins[8]
quarter stater Celtic quarter stater, region Rennes, 200-150 BC Earl Coins[3]