Description Of Class
Spanish gold coin, 2 escudo without date, of Philips III (1598-1621) minted at the city of Valladolid.  Earl Coins
Gelderse rijdergoldguilder, Karel van Egmond, minted around 1510  Earl Coins
2 stuiver, the city of Nijmegen 1686 Earl Coins
florin Florin (28 stuivers),  the city  Nijmegen with  counterstamp HOL(LAND) Earl Coins
Silver coin of Prussia 1696 Earl Coins
2 stuiver,  the district West-Friesland 1738 Earl Coins
Province of Friesland, stuiver without date Sjoerd Coins
12 mariengroschen 1671. County of Bentheim. Mauritz (1625-1674) Sjoerd Coins
The city of Groningen, Jager or 2 stuivers 1604 Sjoerd Coins
3 guilders of Utrecht 1714 Earl Coins[2]
Copper 3 reis  of  John V, Portugal 1714 Sjoerd Coins[3]
Duit of Westfriesland with the arms of the cities of Enkhuizen, Hoorn and Medemblik, 1658. Sjoerd Coins[4]
Schilling 1597 Poland, Sigismund III (1587-1632), minted in the city of Riga. Sjoerd Coins[4]
Sweden, 1/6 Íre, 1718  (Charles XII, 1697-1718) Sjoerd Coins[4]
Schilling (silver) of the city of Riga in possession of  Sweden,  king Karl XI (1660-1697). Theo Coins
not determinated  silver coin of 1743 Earl Coins[2]
A silver 1/48 thaler 1778 of Friedrich II (1740-1786), Prussia Earl Coins[2]
Sixpence of Charles I (1625-1649) Earl Coins[2]
Taler of the city of Zurich 1557 Theo Coins[2]
Silver stuiver of the city of Zwolle, without date Theo Coins[2]